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January 2007 - preliminary roundup

Welcome to marvelfic_index 2007!

I'm lilacsigil, helping out the community founder, harriet_spy. This is my first issue, but I plan to timetravel back to late 2006 to update the list with the fics we missed then.

This is the January 2007 issue, but I'm posting it early to get word out that the community is up and running again, and so that I can find more sources for fic – please help! If I've left your story out, it's only because I don't know about you. yuletide fics are included in this issue as the author reveal was in January.

This community is meant to function as a repository of links for Marvel Comics-based fic on the LJ, excluding X-Men fic. Works in progress are also excluded, but a link to the finished story would be much appreciated. Stories based on the movie versions of the comics are very welcome.

Under the cut is a list of all the Marvel Comics fic I could find posted to LJ in January 2007. I'm sure there's more! Please reply with links to any stories that fit the criteria – self-pimping is highly encouraged! I would also appreciate links to communities for Marvel fic. The following communities are already watched: comics_genfic, comicslash, fantastic_4_fic, johnny_peter, marvel_fic, marvel_slash, spiderman_slash, spidey_fanfic, spidey_fic, spideyslash, the_hostel, the_leapfrog, youngavengers.

Thanks very much, and enjoy the fic!

gaymuffin wrote "Hawkeye Spas". (Rated PG)
jeazard wrote "5 Short Nothings". (Unrated, also features Young Avengers, Invisible Woman)

liliaeth wrote "New York Devils". (Rated PG)
tartanshell wrote "Pouring Tea Blindfolded". (Rated PG, also features Iron Fist)

Fantastic Four
imaginaryalice wrote "She's Come Undone". (Rated PG, also features Captain America)
baffledking wrote "As Air". (Rated PG, 1602 universe)

elspethdixon wrote "A Very H.A.T.E.ful Christmas" (Rated PG)

dorksidefiker wrote "Commiserating". (Rated PG)
dorksidefiker wrote "Numb". (Rated PG)
dorksidefiker wrote "The Run". (Rated PG)
sandoz_iscariot wrote "Tryst". (Rated PG)
teh_no wrote "Not Going to Last". (Rated PG)
sandoz_iscariot wrote "Shiver". (Rated PG)
sandoz_iscariot wrote "Moonlight and Conversation". (Unrated)
burnt_pidgeons wrote "Never". (Rated PG)
grey_bard wrote "A Hard Day's Work". (Rated PG)
hotelmontana wrote "A Deal With God". (Rated PG)
teh_no wrote "Do the Jane Fonda". (Rated NC-17)
haku_kaen wrote "Like Sunshine". (Rated PG)
starpiper wrote "Three Ways Molly Hayes Did Not Spend Christmas" (Rated G)

grrrawrgrr wrote "Autopilot for the Brain". (Rated PG)
teh_no wrote "Not At All Like Moulin Rouge". (Rated PG)

Young Avengers
naturalcyber wrote "First Time". (Rated NC-17)
gaymuffin wrote "Born at the Right Time". (Rated G)
teh_no wrote "UST". (Rated PG)
gaymuffin wrote "In My Dreams". (Rated G)
bluepard wrote "Tommy Was Right". (Rated G)
teh_no wrote "History Lesson". (Rated PG, also features Captain America)
dorksidefiker wrote Story guide for "That Damn MPreg Story". (Rated PG)
lilacsigil wrote "Resistance". (Rated G)
dytabytes wrote Pros and Cons. (Rated G)
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